Me + EU

Phantom Power Films, responsible for the wonderful “Journey to Yes” series, takes a look at the impact Brexit has had on Scots living in EU27 countries, and non-UK EU nationals living in Scotland.

Our Creative Director, Ellen, joins Rosie in sharing the emotions and frustrations they have had to navigate since June 2016.

“The views of a Scot in the EU and an EU National in Scotland. It’s been well over a year since the Brexit vote and there is still no clarity on the status of the thousands of EU citizens working and living in Scotland or the thousands of Scots living and working in the EU. Rosie from Glasgow now works as a musician in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ellen from Bonn, Germany now works as a computer games tester in Glasgow. They share their stories, fears and ideas on what might and should happen next in Scotland’s relationship with the EU – a decision 62% of Scots voted against and which formed a central argument in the 2014 independence referendum”

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