The EU Must Not Stay Silent On Events In Catalonia

Look at our group name and it’s clear we are pro-EU. But that does not mean we do not recognise that the EU is not infallible. Today in particular, the shortcomings of the EU are more obvious than usual. The lack of EU response so far in respect of the actions of the Spanish state against citizens of Catalonia is more than disappointing. It is distressing. read more

EUCIS Celebrate European Day of Languages as EU Citizens Stand Up for Scotland


Following Michel Barnier’s recent visit to Scotland’s devolved parliament, and coinciding with the European Day of Languages on Tuesday 26th September, EUCIS (EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland) have coordinated a letter and petition campaign aimed at raising awareness of the concerns for constitutional, citizen rights, and human rights facing Scotland as the UK bulldozes its way through Brexit negotiations. read more

Forward As One – Dunfermline 26/08/17

Our National Coordinator, Ash Burnett, had the honour of addressing the FORWARD AS ONE rally in Dunfermline’s Pittencrieff Park on Saturday 26th August, sharing the stage with a great number of wonderful speakers, including Robin McAlpine, Lesley Riddoch, IndyCar Gordon Ross, and Ariel Killick.
This post shares the content of her speech. read more

EUCIS Response to Scottish Labour “EUROPE DAY” PR Stunt

On May 9th 2017, Kezia Dugdale took part in a “Europe Day” publicity stunt, claiming “Together We Are Stronger”.
Despite having voted against giving EU nationals voting franchise in a future Scottish Independence referendum, the Labour party in Scotland suddenly felt the urge to speak up about the rights of EU nationals.
This letter is our response.
read more

Meet the EUCIS Team: Ash

In the run up to the 2014 IndyRef there was one key moment for me that utterly confused me, then made me sick to my stomach. Members of the “Better Together” campaign, holding positions within their local Labour and Conservative parties, speaking of their fear of their families being split by a border and becoming “foreigners.

What’s so wrong with foreigners?” I thought. “How can someone truly believe that having a potentially different nationality or an extra passport suddenly excludes people from being family?” read more