We are EUCIS: EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland

We are a non-partisan collective promoting the democratic rights of EU citizens in Scotland, and supporting independence as the only way to maintain Scotland’s close relationship with the EU.

We exist to give voice and agency to European citizens who have made Scotland their home. Our efforts as EU citizens, and as ‘New Scots’, are part of a wide and inclusive pro-independence movement.


Our values

As proud and unabashed ‘citizens of the world’, we live and breathe fundamental EU values and strongly believe in the democratic principles of inclusion and participation.

We promote the social, cultural, economic and political contributions made by EU nationals in Scotland.

We encourage EU Scots to realise the validity and value of our voices, and our right to representation and engagement in public and political debate.


Our actions

Together with other pro-independence campaigners and groups across Scotland and other EU member countries, we will work to further establish our group across various digital platforms and in-person events as a key part of the pro-European independence grassroots movement.

We will share stories and experiences of EU nationals and other non UK nationals resident in Scotland, as well as other individuals and groups affected by Brexit.

Where we can, we will offer support and joint aid to our members and volunteers in protecting their EU freedoms and their opportunities to exercise their rights as EU citizens.


Us and EU

We welcome members and volunteers from all parties and none, united in our key aim: to see Scotland become an independent nation, wholly responsible for its own governance, and free to forge its own relationship with the European family of nations.